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Deborah Liao, PharmD

Full Time Digital Nomad Life - Nicaragua

Here I am, safe and sound in Nicaragua. 

It took a bit longer than I thought to get here, but that's because most of the trips taken last year were a few hours apart in SEA. Sometimes it's easy to forget the distances when going north to south or vice versa. 

I admit that I booked my ticket to Nicaragua only a week in advance. I wasn't planning on coming here but then a few things changed and I I figured why not check out another country. Especially when I could change or cancel my flight on Copa for free!! If I had had to pay a penalty, this leg of the trip wouldn't have worked.

I am staying at an AirBnB, at a colonial mansion. I am also close to a CrossFit gym so I can keep on training and making progress with recovering my strength and fitness. It should be interesting learning how to say all the lifts in Spanish, but that's part of the fun. And sometimes part of the fun is picking a place, doing no research on what to do, and landing there! However, I rarely overplan travels because I know it's more at the mercy of my whims or situations.

Today I will go out and explore a few surrounding areas. I think that will be about it for touristy stuff while I'm here for the week. I have a few projects on my plate that require 40 hours of work, at least, this week. I am more than happy to have the work, though!!! I truly appreciate having clients who don't mind me working remotely. 

PS, wifi situation in Nicaragua is not so great. I might even say it's worse than Kathmandu and Kathmandu was actually pretty decent. Vietnam had the best wifi of any country. Oh, and apparently there are no coworking spaces here, but there is an Intercontinental hotel that I may visit because they have a business center and I can hopefully work from there. It's also a little more central to the downtown area. The only thing I would hesitate doing is wandering around with my laptop(s) while sightseeing. 

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