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Nica Life, January 26, 2017

I'm rather amazed at how time flies. Considering how I booked this trip to Nicaragua on such short notice, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that it's already Thursday and I head out to Montevideo soon! 

Highlights of the day. I'm attempting to write things down, but I may get lazy with this. And I'm also ambivalent about having this here versus a more personal site? I guess the boundaries are blurred because it's a remote working/travel trip but the priority is work. 

When I booked the lodgings for the places that I'd be staying at, I did look at the proximity to fitness centers of any sort. Depending on the country, it can be difficult. However, the Americas are way better about it than, let's say, Nepal or India. So I'm all good. In fact, yes, I did start doing Crossfit while in Rockland because I can no longer do Muay Thai without a great deal of pain or discomfort AND there are no good Muay Thai schools anywhere outside of Manhattan. I know that sometimes people think it's a bit cultish, and it can be if you choose to let it be. I know I have a lot of limits from age and injury, but it's been nice getting back into shape after almost 3 years of slothfulness. 

With that said, today was the third time I went to the Crossfit Las Colinas near my AirBnB. It's been nice working out with other people. And it's an interesting mix of locals and people who have moved here from elsewhere or who are visiting. In fact, the owners are a couple from Atlanta who took over the box 4 years ago. I was attempting to speak terrible Spanish when the wife told me that it was okay to speak English. And it was funny when she said that she hadn't seen a US $10 bill in a long time. 

Today's workout was bench presses with increasing weights, 12-10-8-6-4-2 weights. Then a 25 minute time period for the metcon, which consisted of 4 rounds of 100 double-unders or 200 singles, 12 handstand pushups, 20 sit-ups, and a 400 meter run. I managed to do the metcon in 18:51 but I'm not sure if the 400 meters was accurate because I was estimating 5 minutes per round knowing how fast or slow I run 400 meters in general. I also met a 1/2 Asian 1/2 Nicaraguan American from LA who is married to a Danish man and has lived in Nicaragua for 11 years. We were commiserating about the state of affairs and discussing life in Nicaragua and options for living outside the US. 

Anyway, I spent a few hours of the day wandering around the city. It's surprisingly not very crowded and not too exciting. I sort of wish I had headed down to the south near the beach where I found a coworking space. I would have also loved to head into the forest, but since work is the priority, I'll have to put that off until later. And, I only had a week here. Sometimes you just don't feel like hopping from place to place every few days, especially after I spent most of the last year doing that. It's also harder to get work done when you're that mobile. The next time I will make sure to do so. Oh, and that coworking space didn't have any hot desks, so it wouldn't have been so useful. Even though I can work from the places that I'm staying at, sometimes it's nice to meet other professionals who may or may not be digital nomads. 

Regardless, I basically walked from the lake back to the Intercontinental, a few miles in the hot sun. I also did a quick jaunt through the National Museum. It was US$5 and it had some interesting history about Nicaragua. For example, I had no idea they had mastodon fossils in this country! And a lot of ceramics. From what I have seen in museums throughout the world, ceramics. Ceramics. So many ceramics. You can get ceramic-ed out, sort of like you can get templed out in Siem Reap. Oh, and please note that the signs are only in Spanish. I could read a decent bit of it but I notice that I get mentally tired if processing ALL Spanish for too long. Funny how the brain works. But apparently my spoken Spanish is bad but not so terrible that I can't have conversations with my taxi drivers about where I'm from, what I do for work, if it's my first time in Nicaragua, if I am traveling by myself, how many tattoos I have (and why I like tattoos), and if I'd tattoo my face. My listening is slightly better, but if someone speaks too quickly, it's difficult. 

I also did not feel unsafe walking around, even through slummier areas. There were always plenty of taxis that I could have waved down. And lots of rocks to brain someone in case of emergency. It was also broad daylight, which is always the best time to wander about and feel relatively safe. And then I got takeout from La Colonia (el combo tres con una Coca Cola cero con hielo) because I was feeling antisocial, lazy, and like the new space I got shuffled over to (pictured below). I was able to transfer 209 PDFs, via Google Drive, to my other laptop and from there, moved it all onto the server via VPN! Yay, technology! However, I had to spend 15 minutes on the phone with IT (AGAIN) to resolve a) not being able to log in to the IT problems ticketing site when I was able to do so a few days ago and b) not being able to get onto VPN (AGAIN). Thankfully both problems were resolved. I also spent some time expanding my LinkedIn network and messaging some people in my network about different things like work needs and work visas in case I want to be able to work for UK, Singapore, or Hong Kong agencies. 


 My second AirBnB because the app messed up my booking. But I like this one better. 

My second AirBnB because the app messed up my booking. But I like this one better. 

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