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Deborah Liao, PharmD

Nica Life, January 27, 2017

Today will be an unexciting day. I am happy to say I made it through my 6:00 am Crossfit Las Colinas workout with Ivan. We did 12 minutes of 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off of planks to work our core. Then we had a terrible 25 minutes of increasing number of reps (1, 2, 3, 4, 5....) of the following: hang power clean, burpee over the bar, and then thrusters. The suggested weight was 65 lbs for women for the clean. I could do that for fewer reps but had to eventually take weight off. And I'm not so strong on weighted thrusters so I eventually took more weight off that. And I don't want to hurt myself, which is likely if I try to push it too hard. My hands are busted, as in, they are sore. At least this grip strength work is good for climbing, which I hope to partake in at the bouldering club in Montevideo.

My workload for today has consisted of tweaking slides for a vaccine project, I need to submit invoices, arrange times for teleconferences, get on a teleconference for another project, wait for two references for ebook chapter updates, and perhaps get a jump on research for another ebook chapter that I'm doing. Also waiting to hear if I get more work from a new client (thank you!!!). I admit it, I like working. Too much downtime and I get mentally bored and stilted and stagnant. I need the stimulation to feel sharp and alert.

 This is my serious setup for when I am 100% online for work for the day.

This is my serious setup for when I am 100% online for work for the day.

Oh, and the rest of today will consist of packing a few items in preparation for an early departure tomorrow. I'll be heading to Montevideo. I am actually really excited about Montevideo! I'll be working from a dedicated coworking space (Espacio Serratosa) with an adjoining restaurant. That way I can network with other digital nomads and freelancers or businesses in Uruguay. And I can socialize a little bit and go out with people. I've also started trying to connect with other digital nomads but most seem to be in southeast Asia. It's also hard to find other queer digital nomads....not so many of us, unfortunately? So the only other thing I've got planned for tonight is dinner with Caz and Ted (UK and US, respectively). Caz is a lady from the UK who runs a vintage clothing business. Ted is a retired gentleman from Detroit who has been to Nicaragua a few times before and did a stint with the Peace Corps many years ago in Costa Rica. 

Dinner with them was quite good. We went to Jimmy Three Finger's Alabama barbecue. I would never go to Alabama so this was the closest I'll get, because they do know how to do barbecue. It was a nice evening out getting lost looking for the old location and then finding the new location. Some conversation, good food, and just hanging out with other travelers. I may be introverted, but I do like getting to know strangers and see how they tick and what their perceptions are of the US, like Caz, who said that most of the television shows depict the US as a bunch of idiot hicks. And that was confirmed during her visit to Florida but then she felt better about the US after going to California, after which I told her that mainly the west coast and northeast go against the grain of those shows. The rest of the country....well, I dunno. I'm biased, but yes, the perception in the UK must be that we're all a bunch of idiot yahoos. 

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