Medical Writing

Deborah Liao, PharmD

Transit Life, January 28, 2017

I am writing this from the Gastro Pub at the San Jose, Costa Rica, airport. It's an airport that I'm quite familiar with because we traveled through Costa Rica last year. In fact, it was the first stop on our world trip. And now I'm back with a 5-hour layover before I head to Lima for another layover and then to Montevideo on a redeye. 

What amazes me is how so many airports in "less developed" countries, have free wifi that works AMAZINGLY. This is compared to the ripoff Boingo wifi hotspots in the US. You have to pay for it, it's not cheap, and it sucks. It's so slow. I just had amazing wifi in Nicaragua at the airport and now here. 

Regardless, when you've been on the road so much, being on the road and having layovers is all part of the process. I'm trying to stir up some work for Monday and Tuesday. I mean, I believe I have sufficient work that I can do, but I want to be conscious of budget on these projects and not just futz around working on them when there are only so many hours to be billed. It's basically a waiting pattern for some projects - for client comments, etc. That's the nature of the business. And then it'll all come at once, which I'm expecting at the very least!

I am excited to get to Montevideo, though. I'll be able to fully unpack my bags and set up shop. I'll also have to make a point of hitting the supermarket so I can stock up on foodstuffs for breakfast and possibly lunch. I'll likely go out for at least one meal every day. 

For now, I'll work on a chapter update from the airport. I see a few other nomadic workers with their laptops out. I also have a great location with my back to the corner and an outlet to charge my devices.


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