Medical Writing

Deborah Liao, PharmD

Day 2, Montevideo, Uruguay

A not so exciting day but surely a very sore day to come. I started it out at the Crossfit Cimarron, which is nice enough to let me train there. I think it's about US$65 for 12 classes over 3 weeks. Not bad at all! The workout was the Jared...800 meter run, 40 pull-ups (LOL, I have zero so I did ring rows), and 70 push-ups x 4 rounds for time with a time limit of 35 minutes. I finished 3 rounds. Ow. my chest hurts as I type this. I was wondering why I was so sore when I woke up this morning. And my back. : p

Then I went back to the apartment, ate breakfast, showered, and went over to Espacio Serratosa to work for the day. Nothing exciting. Remote working full time is not as exciting as one may think. But I like the change of scenery. I like wandering around a new place, even if it's on my way to or from the office space. I like taking in the sights, the buildings, the sky, the temperature, the glimmering water in the distance. There's always something new and stimulating in even the smallest things. I think that's the difference. Because at home, the old is old for me, and I find it stultifying at times. I admit that I like novelty in life. I get bored with things when they become routine. So this is not a bad way to go. 

The coworking space is nice and spacious. And I briefly met an American from Iowa! I think he was the first Iowan I've met. We didn't speak much aside from a hello and where are you from and what's the password and then we both had to get to work. The wifi is great. I was on VPN with no problems, moving files around from cloud drive or server to wherever was also super easy!

Other than that, I'm in a holding pattern on some projects while we wait for client comments so I harassed other people for work :). Hurray. I like being able to make money because then I can donate to things like the ACLU. I donated $50 yesterday and I would like to continue donating. And then I finished my night by wandering down to the central area and ate dinner at La Fonda. A gigantic plate of fish with onions and peppers and potatoes. Delicious bread. And dessert all for under 300 Uruguayan pesos or less than US$10. Not bad at all because this city is somewhat more expensive in some ways than I thought. In other ways, far cheaper (ie, working out, the coworking space). Then I closed out my night by getting into 1Q84, which I'm carrying with me. I'd like to get through it while I'm here so I can stop carrying it! It adds a decent amount of weigh to my backpack haha. I am also making more of a point of reading more for pleasure than I have in a long time. 

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