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Deborah Liao, PharmD

Day 4, Montevideo, Uruguay - Rest Day=Early Work Day

Because I don't know if I can do CrossFit 5 days a week, I took today as a rest day. So it ended up being a long work day, partially because I also get distracted by the news coming out of the states. It's always fascinating observing the US news from outside the US. 

At any rate, I ate part of a takeout dinner for breakfast instead, along with some of the chivito bread because it's so soft and doughy and delicious. Then headed over to Espacio Serratosa around 8:00 am where I was probably the first one here. One thing about Uruguay, people start late. This is very distinct from Nicaragua where everyone is an early riser and the earliest CrossFit class was at 5:00 am. I prefer the earlier the better, honestly. I find I get more done with my day. But when traveling and working abroad, you have to be flexible.

Anyway, really do like this coworking space. I have a lot of room to spread out and the price is WAY cheaper than the coworking space I used in Yangon, Myanmar! Yes, Myanmar is way more expensive than you think for some things, like fitness centers and coworking. It'll be on par with NYC prices. Here I'm paying $12 per day (US$183 with taxes included) for 15 days here AND a locker to store some of the stuff I don't want to lug back and forth to the apartment. 

There was no rain when I left the office so I made a point of wandering down to the Puerto Mercado for dinner, just to try it. I had a Merluza fish with potatoes. It was pretty good! And not meat. They do eat a lot of meat and the meals can be heavy here, so I will put on weight here lol. The Puerto Mercado was nice enough albeit it is definitely a place for tourists as well. But there were plenty of locals. If this were in NYC, it'd be a hot spot. The Ciudad Vieja area is still run down and businesses are trying to rejuvenate it. I sort of like the decrepit areas although there are quite a lot of homeless people. Which is a bit surprising I guess. I wonder what that's about - if they are out of the public support system, opted out, etc. And what are the resources for these guys? Or are there none? I'm very curious. I also like walking past people hanging out on the sidewalk chatting and drinking their mates. Where NYers clutch their cups of coffee on the go, Uruguayans clutch their thermos and mate gourds. It's quite awesome. 


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