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Deborah Liao, PharmD

Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro, 2011

Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro, 2011

About Deborah Liao, PharmD

"I review a lot of slide decks and that is simply the best summation of the pretreatment I have seen. Masterfully done! I reviewed it in detail (not a cursory run through) and I have no suggested changes." - Neurology KOL

"Lots of very positive feedback on last night's presentation; people were impressed with the caliber of the data presented. There was the request to share the slide on adult unmet educational needs, if that's possible. Thank you for the opportunity to present your terrific work." - CF care team speaker

"She did a great job with this" -  MD, major depressive disorder

"Your Deborah did a PHENOMENAL JOB - really looks great, really nice.  Please convey this to the Endocrine Society!" - Endocrinologist (case study)

"I was able to download everything.! I can say that I am very glad we sent it to no one but you-and that I want to reiterate that there is a desk here waiting for you." - Medical communications agency client

"And, just a personal thank you to say how great you’ve been to work with—professional, responsive, fab writer—we appreciate it! Seriously!" - Medical communications agency client

"She's a great writer and we're lucky we have her" - CME client


What sets me apart from the pack is my intimate experience working in different areas of the pharmaceutical industry. I started my career working at the bench at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Progenics Pharmaceuticals after completing my BA in Molecular Biology at Colgate University. At Regeneron, I worked in the protein expression group with a focus on characterizing protein expression from tissue culture cells transfected with numerous plasmid constructs. At Progenics  Pharmaceuticals, I worked in early-phase manufacturing of prostate-specific membrane antigen with a focus on purification, clarification, and concentration of the product. Following my time in R&D, I went on to earn a PharmD, summa cum laude, from Long Island University. After graduating, I happened upon medical writing and haven't looked back since. 

Having worked in the medical communications/education agency world since 2008, I know how agencies work and what needs to get done to meet client expectations and tight deadlines. In my capacity as staff medical/science, I worked my way up from Medical Writer to Medical/Scientific Director with oversight and responsibility for developing content on multiple brands and over $3 million worth of accounts. I've also contributed to winning business pitches at various agencies. Additionally, I have extensive experience in client- and KOL-facing roles and have always played a hands-on role with a presence at onsite meetings, wherever needed.

Ultimately, my goal is to provide competitive, strategically sound, approvable, creative and data-driven storytelling that will meet timelines and expectations. You can count on me to be a member of your team. 


Please contact me to discuss opportunities and rates at or on my LinkedIn profile.

Volcan Acatenango, Guatemala, 2015

Volcan Acatenango, Guatemala, 2015

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